Outfit | .21

Let’s talk about how to style the blazer. This one is in my wardrobe for a while now, got it at the opening of Primark in my hometown. Desperately standing in front of the store to go in first. I always buy blazers in a bigger size and always in black. In exeptional cases I […]

Outfit | Pocket skirt

Hey guys, it has been a while! I’ve been crazy busy, but it is time for a 3 week vacation. From now on I will have the time for nothing else than wine and hopefully a lot of sun! In this outfit I’m wearing the most girly skirt that I own. The midi skirt is made of a […]

DIY- Macramé

Is it a kind of candy, caramel or what? It’s macramé ! Easy to do, it takes just 5 minutes of your time and you’re done. No introduction, just get your gear together and get to work. I used just a real cheap ass ball of string, but macramé made of cotton rope or leather cord […]

New in | Festival things

Oh – my – god, why isn’t it getting any warmer? It is April but it feels like it’s fall, like it’s October! To brighten up the day, I’ve got some new stuff. For the, summer! Got this awesome dress from Romwe, and it’s the perfect dress for the festivals that are coming up. For […]

New in |Summer shoes

Het is lente ! Het wordt warmer, het is langer licht, de ijssalon is weer open, de winterslaap is voorbij en Pasen is geweest dus we gaan weer werken aan een killer body voor de zomer. Weg met de paaseieren, we maken plaats voor de glazen wijn en ijs. En als het warmer wordt, willen […]

Outfit | comfort

Shut the front door! It was snowing last week ! But as strange as the weather in Holland can be, it’s 13℃ allready. So let’s take a look at the last real winter knit outfit, together with my favourit sweater from Primark. It’s big, it’s fluffy, in short; awesome. Particular when the only thing you […]

Inspiration | leather

I’m tough, tough as hell. Tough as knight rider. And tough girls need leather in their closet. I’m kidding, I’m a softy but I also do own some leather items. A leather jacket is missing though, can’t seem to find one. I am looking for THE jacket for years and I’m beginning to getting to […]

Outfit | vintage

Freezing my ass of when I went shooting this outfit with dear friend Lisa. It is turning colder and colder but we are allready looking at the new ss16 collection. We found ourselfs drooling while looking at the new Zara window and placing items in and out our shopping cart at the H&M shopping app. […]

Inspiration | knits

I have a thing with knits, walking trough a store I am drawn to a chuncky vest or sweater. The best with a pair of skinny jeans. I allready do own a good few knitted sweaters and vests but keep adding them to my collection! Let’s take a loot at a few good ones out there ! […]